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Health benefits of the sea recognised

Many of us associate the sea with feeling happy, relaxed and switching off from life's stress.  But there's growing belief that being near, on, in, or under water has a far more powerful impact on our mental, and physical health than we might realise.

The "Blue Mind" ethos, which is the subject of growing European research, is being championed by Californian biologist and researcher Wallace J Nichols, who believes "the idea that water is medicine will be quite mainstream" within 10 years.

What is Blue Mind?
Although some humans have always instinctively embraced the ideas central to Blue Mind, the movement has in recent years been documented and championed by Californian biologist and researcher Wallace J Nichols who published a book on the subject in 2014.  Nichols believes we should all channel the putative blue in our heads, using water to detox our digital enslavement... even taking a shower, or glimpsing a photograph of a river will do the job.

There are believed to be only a handful of recognised health services embracing the healing power of water in the UK - although Dr Nichols says this actually puts Britain ahead of the US - but the scientist thinks that in 10 years the idea that water is medicine will be quite mainstream.  Just as in the early 1990s the notion that eating fresh whole foods, exercising and reducing stress was considered 'Californian' but is now standard advice backed by science.

2018 saw the fifth annual "100 Days of Blue Mind Challenge", as part of which people shared their water-based experiences every day for 100 days on social media.

Lizzi Larbalestier, a UK Blue Mind ambassador, has built her career around the concept that water is medicine, and is passionate about the benefits.  She is a Blue Health practitioner, having run professional coaching for nearly ten years, based in the Cornish seaside resort of Perranporth.  Her clients include many city-based people who are very successful but have lost their connection with nature and they need a bit of heart space and slowing down.

Ms Larbalestier refers to the "scientific evidence" found by the European Centre for Environment and Human Health research on the benefits of the Blue Mind ethos and believes that clean, healthy water is a fundamental and free health resource to us that is underutilised and undervalued.

If you ever needed an extra excuse to get into Cornish waters, this is it!

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Updated on January 27th, 2013

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